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    StayPut™ Medical’s President/CEO, Mike Mangus, has been heavily involved in the medical sector for most of his adult life.   He has worked in a variety of specialty medical fields, and with such companies as GlaxoSmithKline, Atrium Medical, Dexcom and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

    During his time in the medical industry, Mike has had numerous personal interactions with a variety of physicians, office staff, and the patients they treat.  During these interactions, he noticed a recurring theme:  The wearable medical devices, which many of these physicians prescribed and patients wore on their body, had trouble staying adhered to the skin for the duration in which they were intended.  This adhesion issue caused a variety of problems for the patients that wore these devices.  These problems ranged from cost effectiveness (these devices are expensive, and once they come off, they can’t be reinserted…thus a new device must be utilized), comfort (these devices are implanted using a needle that punctures the skin and can sometimes be very painful to apply), efficacy (many implantable medical devices are proven to be at their most efficacious if they are worn for the entire, indicated duration of use), and aesthetics (many wearable devices can be bulky and usually have a generic, white adhesive).  After months of research, development and design, Mike applied for a patent for StayPut™, which would solve the main cause of all the above referenced issues:  The adhesion issues these patients were having.

    StayPut™ is a breathable, durable and water-resistant, overlay patch that is intended to be utilized as an additional adhesive for most wearable medical devices.  StayPut™ is offered in a variety of colors and has numerous pre-cut hole sizes available.  The product is easily trimmed to size, is simple to apply, and is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, for both adult, and pediatric patients alike.

    Mike’s business model for StayPut Medical, LLC stems from the three main cornerstones of his vision:  compassion for our customers, understanding their individual needs and offering solutions for their everyday lives.  With these three goals paving the way, StayPut Medical strives to bring the highest quality product, an unparalleled level of service and a significant lifestyle improvement, to all patients, with each and every use.