Directions for Use


  1. Use an alcohol pad to thoroughly clean the skin around the
    already inserted medical device you desire to secure. Let the
    area DRY COMPLETE LY prior to administering StayPut.
  2. Using StayPut”s pre-cut hole as a guide, center the adhesive
    to the appropriate medical device, which has already been
    implanted on the patient’s body.
  3. Peel off one side of the StayPut adhesive”s two-piece backing
    and place the sticky portion directly onto the skin, making
    sure to cover as much of the medical device”s existing
    adhesive as possible (paying special attention to secure the
    outer edges).
  4. To secure StayPut on the skin, firmly press down on the
    adhesive, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles or
    bunched up spots that may occur when placing the product.
  5. Take otfthe second piece of backing and repeat steps #2 & #3.
  6. To ensure maximum wear, continue to smooth product out
    as necessary.
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