Q Should we prep the skin prior to applying StayPut?

A – We recommend cleaning the skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, and making sure skin is completely dry, prior to StayPut’s application.

Q –What if I’m having trouble with my StayPut bunching up, as I’m taking off the two-piece backing?

A – To help ensure StayPut doesn’t bunch up upon application, gently tear apart the two, pre-perforated pieces of backing, prior to removing them.

Q –How can I help ensure StayPut adheres my medical device to its fullest potential?

A – Prior to applying, make sure your piece of StayPut will overlap all the medical device’s existing adhesive, to provide maximum additional support.  Additionally, confirm there are no air bubbles, or bunched up areas, once StayPut is applied to the skin.   Always ensure the piece StayPut is laying as flat as possible on the skin.  Please visit our YouTube channel to see StayPut being applied:  www.youtube.com/StayPutMedical

Q –Are there any tips for trimming my StayPut?

A – If trimming your piece of StayPut is necessary, always do so prior to peeling off the perforated backing.  Prior to trimming your StayPut, make sure the final piece will be big enough to overlap the medical device’s existing adhesive.

Q – If my StayPut starts to come off as I’m wearing it, what can I do?

A –During the duration of wear, you may need to smooth out your piece of StayPut, ensuring it continues to lay flat and smooth on the skin.

We’d appreciate hearing your StayPut “tips and tricks”.  Please send your feedback to:  customerservice@stayputmedical.com