Patient Testimonials

I also raved about them (StayPut patches) to the local OmniPod rep in Jacksonville (Florida). Every POD user should know about these!

Cheryl B.

I absolutely love the overlay! I will absolutely be ordering some soon! I’ve swam, sweat and showered and it hasn’t peeled a bit! Thank you so much!

Kayla W.

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know I am SHOCKED by your adhesive patches. We’ve tried everything on the market….and nothing has worked this well.

Leslie K.

Hello — we visited your booth at the Friends For Life T1 summit in Orlando a few weeks back Well, we promised honest feedback so here it is We applied the adhesive the Sunday we left Orlando and just removed it yesterday. It worked beyond our expectations. The adhesive stayed in place without bubbling and fraying (Issues we’ve continually experienced with our current patch). My daughter is very active with Tennis and Swimming so we intentionally put it through the gauntlet. It works great and so far has proven to stand up to an active daughter. The question changed from ‘will it stay on’ to ‘will it come off’? Great job!! Regards,

Bill P.

Nothing else has this kind of staying power! You’ve made a customer for life

Leslie K.

I love your product!

Christina K.

StayPut really do STAY PUT.

Samantha A.

Dear Mike, I just thought I would drop you a quick bit of feedback! After seeing your product at FFL and picking up a sample, I decided to take a chance on Stayput and bought two ten packs. ….. I’m now on day twelve and it hasn’t moved at all! I’ve been in Florida heat, soaked through in both Florida and British rain and twelve showers and there’s no sign of it going anywhere. You have a convert. The two part application makes things so much easier, and I’m now crossing my fingers for more colours and patterns, which would be the only thing I could ask for above what there already is. Thank you for introducing me to such a fantastic product! Best wishes,


… a week in and still holding strong!

Leslie K.

I had a piece of your tape on all week at the (FFL/CWD) conference and was in the pool a lot, plus had an entire day at the waterpark. It worked great and hadn’t even peeled up….I’ll absolutely be ordering more.

Katelyn L.

In sweaty Florida weather, it has been a relief to not worry about an early site change from adhesive issues… yay for something that works and isn’t an allergen.

Samantha A.
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