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Questions fréquemment posées

  • Should we prep the skin prior to applying StayPut?
    We recommend cleaning the skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, and making sure skin is completely dry, prior to StayPut’s application.
  • What if I’m having trouble with my StayPut bunching up, as I’m taking off the two-piece backing?
    To help ensure StayPut doesn’t bunch up upon application, gently tear apart the two, pre-perforated pieces of backing, prior to removing them.
  • How can I help ensure StayPut adheres my medical device to its fullest potential?
    Prior to applying, make sure your piece of StayPut will overlap all the medical device’s existing adhesive, to provide maximum additional support. Additionally, confirm there are no air bubbles, or bunched up areas, once StayPut is applied to the skin. Always ensure the piece StayPut is laying as flat as possible on the skin. Please visit our YouTube channel to see StayPut being applied:
  • If my StayPut starts to come off as I’m wearing it, what can I do?
    During the duration of wear, you may need to smooth out your piece of StayPut, ensuring it continues to lay flat and smooth on the skin.
  • What are some tips for trimming your StayPut Patch?
    If you desire to trim your piece of StayPut™ overlay, we recommend using a sharp pair of scissors and please be sure to trim PRIOR to peeling off any portion of the two-piece backing. If trimming, be sure to leave enough material so the StayPut™ overlay covers the entirety of the wearable device’s existing adhesive. StayPut™ is intended to be utilized as reinforcement and protection for the wearable device’s existing adhesive, therefore the piece of StayPut™ should be big enough to completely overlap the existing adhesive and should always make direct contact (on all sides) to the patient’s skin.
  • What are some tips for application of the StayPut patches?
    Cleaning the skin with an alcohol pad prior to placing the wearable device, and the piece of StayPut, is usually recommended. If doing so, please ensure the skin is completely dry prior to placing anything on the skin. To ensure ease of application, be sure to gently pull apart the dual-perforations, located on the StayPut™ backing, prior peeling them off. After completing Step 1 & 2 (above), carefully peel off one side on the backing, fix any bunching that might have occurred, and place the sticky side directly onto the skin, so as to completely cover one half of wearable device’s existing adhesive. Firmly run your fingers over the placed piece StayPut™, smoothing out as necessary, to minimize any bunching, or air bubbles, that may have occurred upon application. After successfully placing the first side, carefully peel off the second piece of backing. Place the second half of the StayPut™ adhesive completely over the rest of the wearable device’s existing adhesive. Repeat the instructions in step 4. If you desire further instruction, please view the tutorial video, which is located on our YouTube channel ( as well as below. For best results, please try to avoid getting the StayPut™ overlay wet for at least an hour post-placement.
  • What are some tips for removal of the StayPut patches?
    While StayPut™ overlays are incredibly durable, they can be removed with relative ease. Gently peel away the piece of StayPut™ from the skin, as you would a band-aid, and dispose. In some instances, there may be adhesive residue remaining on the skin, however this should come off by utilizing rubbing alcohol and a gentle scrubbing of the area. Using any other form of secondary adhesive (such as a skin prep or glue), may hinder the removal process, and require additional procedures for the skin.
  • Do you have any directions for use of your patches?
    Yes, please see attached instructions.
  • Does your products contain latex?
    No, our StayPut patches are latex free, water-resistant, comfortable and designed for everyday, active lifestyles for both adults and pediatric patients.
  • Are your patches hypoallergenic?
    No, our StayPut patches are considered body neutral.
  • Instrucciones de uso?
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